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Two days to go until one of the worst campaigns in British political history finally comes to an end. I’m not going to explicitly accuse either side of outright lying, but both sides have definitely twisted the truth as much as possible by presenting very selective data and other such techniques pioneered by the tabloid press for years. The people of Great Britain are naturally struggling to make sense of it all.

As a Liberal Democrat, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that I support the Remain side (though in fairness there are a very small minority of Lib Dems backing Leave). Although this forces me to be on the same side as David Cameron and George Osbourne, I am extremely disappointed in the way the Tory Remainers have handled their campaigns. It seems to me that very little has been done to address to genuine concerns of the Leave…

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Historic day as GUM vote earns unanimous support

Béal na Tíre

Above: election leaflets were erected on bean poles and bird feeders by the Yes campaign ahead of today’s vote.

It was an historic day in Leylandiistan & Gurvata as the country went to vote in the first referendum in the Confederation’s history. In the end, all voters supported the ballot question, which was whether or not to accept the Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM). Béal na Tíre has the full summary of the day’s events.


Above: the polling station at Orchardstown after opening for voting.

The weather was warm and sunny on the day the Confederation went to the polls. A final bit of campaigning was done by the Yes side, who supported the GUM charter, by erecting leaflets around Orchardstown. There was no campaign put together to oppose the GUM Charter. The Act ordering the referendum set the voting hours as 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. However…

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MicroWorld Newsbites – May 2016

Austenasian Times


  • On 9 May, Gwendolien de Loungville resigned from her post as Minister of Finances & Economy after completing the process of paying back all those who had invested money in the building of the nation, paying off the national debt.


  • Over the last weekend of the month, the three political parties of Juclandia held their Congresses in the Palace of the Great National Assembly to elect a new President and General Secretary for each party. Furthermore, it has been announced via MicroWiki that a general election will be held in July or August later this year.



  • President Baugh has set his nation a goal of having 200 tourists this year, to surpass the average of Nauru, the least-visited member state of the United Nations. As of 22 May, 42 tourists have…

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Referendum on GUM Charter to be held

Béal na Tíre

The Co-Presidents today signed into law an Act which has authorised a referendum to be held this Friday, 3rd June, on the Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM). The Government decided to put the Confederation’s ratification of the Charter to a plebiscite, the first in two years, since the constitutional referendum in Leylandiistan in February 2014. The Grand Unified Micronational Charter Referendum Act 2016 was signed into law in the newly-declared capital of Orchardstown this evening. Leylandiistan & Gurvata will be the only prospective member state of the GUM to put the Charter to a referendum.

The law on the referendum has allowed for just one polling station, at the Government Buildings in Orchardstown. Due to the lack of a census or other form of citizenry records, the National Treasury was authorised to supply a list of known residents who pay taxes to the Treasury, in order to create…

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Orchardstown declared capital city of the Confederation

Béal na Tíre


Above: Orchardstown, as photographed last year, is surrounded by agricultural land and backed by the orchards from which it earns its name

The Co-Presidents have signed legislation which officially designates Orchardstown as the capital of the Confederation of Leylandiistan & Gurvata. The Classification of Locations Act 2016 was signed into law today to acknowledge the fact that much of the government’s activities are already carried out from the Government Buildings in Orchardstown, as well as to address the lack of a defined capital city under previous legislation. The Act also defined Leylandiistan and Gurvata as the two distinct inhabited constituents of the Confederation, and both will be classed as “regions” of the Confederation. Regional capitals were assigned to both regions, with Leylandiistan’s being Orchardstown and Gurvata choosing “the Tree” as their regional capital, being the former venue of the Gurvatan parliament.

As capital of Leylandiistan & Gurvata, Orchardstown will be…

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Überstadt joins the revived GUM

The Occidental Chronicle

BELLINGHAM, Washington – King Adam issued a declaration Tuesday night ratifying the Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM), making Überstadt a full member of the resurrected organization.

This decision marks a reversal of longstanding Überstadti policy against membership in plenary international organizations. When consulting citizens before the ratification, Adam asked them “to reconsider [the policy] at this time.”

“There is a serious problem right now of socializing new micronationalists into the community,” he explained, going on to echo the new GUM Charter’s language on improving new nations’ contributions to the community. Such rhetoric reflects the king’s commitment to bettering micronationalism as a movement, which gained significance in Überstadti foreign policy following Adam’s attendance of MicroCon 2015.

The king said that GUM membership could increase Überstadt’s ability to be a positive influence on the community, and faced no opposition to joining the organization.

Überstadt’s history with the GUM is complicated. It became an observer state during the…

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themicronational on Twitter!

the micronational small logo


I am delighted to announce that themicronational has a new Twitter account: @rmicrogroup.

We will publish all new posts on it, as well as bringing you more frequent, concise updates. It is also being used as a key news source for the Republic of Mcarthia.

I hope you will take a moment to follow us, and join us on the next step of our journey.

Many thanks,

Kit McCarthy