Warfare Report Published

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The Office of the Mcarthian President has published a report written by President McCarthy addressing the issue of micronational warfare.

Available on the Mcarthian government website here, the Report into Micronational Warfare and Military Capabilities addresses various points including ethical and practical questions raised in the months after the Pannonian War.

McCarthy raises issues such as the need for serious military capabilities, and the need to address micronational warfare with tact and professionalism.

It follows the appointment of Nedlandic President Ned Greiner as Mcarthian Acting Defence Minister.

Wider response is yet to come.


Rebel Attack Raises DRCC Questions

An attack by rebels on the government and infrastructure of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek has raised questions.

Last Wednesday, the Baltisk Journal, the national news source of Dallin Langford’s DRCC, published an article reporting riots and a rebel uprising in the nation. It was said that Capitol Square had been taken over, and the city of Dallingrad had been seized.

The Director of DRCC’s secret service, the XFIA, sent the following message to General-Secretary Langford.


The Capitol has been seized by rebels and most Utah of the provinces, regular communications have been disrupted by their supporters. Riots have occurred do [sic] to the election and other events…

Sir, DRCC is [sic] taken over by you know who.


Official statistics suggest the DRCC’s population may have been cut by up to 75% due to the events.

The DRCC is currently preparing for a general election, and candidate Henry Chester has been accused of leading the rebellion. Chester has received, in official polls, 0% support.

A communication from Chester read, in its entirety:


I see that you again tried to seize and quell my new military but again I see that you have failed! I laugh at the thought of you trying to win this battle, sending a useless army to fight my attacks but then again I knew what you were up to… you see, I have purposefully planned this for some time, a seed of rebellion started from the day you demoted me when I was right and you were wrong. Langford, you never could handle criticism, I have seen the posts, posted by your own peers or friends as you call them on the Micronational forum.

Go ahead, trust them I dare you too, they are probably planning the end of your Micronational career as I write. Don’t be a fool, surrender now and we shall leave what is left of your so-called nation in peace! I bet McCarthy is in on it too, you call him one of your best friends and a great statesman. You are lying to yourself!!! He is in on it as well, like the UT, Jackson/Horatio Eden, and anyone else that you’ve talked too. You know that the older members of that community you talk too hate you, the man you call Cahill, Karjasary, Belcher. What more proof do you need!?!? 

My army and nation will be a better nation than you ever could. You are a failure! Surrender now and you can save your evil empire. You can never win this, Langford. This is your last and final chance, I have all the time in the world to await your answer but don’t keep me waiting.

-Henry Chester”

Most interestingly, both Horatio Eden and Anders Saltborn have been removed from the General-Secretary’s Informal Advisory Board, a kind of foreign cabinet office, with Langford citing ‘privacy concerns.’

While Eden’s expulsion may be in response to the events of Eden v. Langford, and the Daily Micronational’s recent article, the expulsion of Anders Saltborn is still unclear.

The rebellion has however raised several questions, voiced both by the Daily Micronational, and President Kit McCarthy of Mcarthia.

  1. How has Chester managed to amass such forces, given the lack of popular support displayed in the election? Given that Chester appeared to have no support during election time, how has he amassed a military and the popular support to take control of such vast percentages of DRCC land?
  2. Why is Chester’s writing style so similar to that of Dallin Langford? The Daily Micronational’s Horatio Eden suggested that Henry Chester and Dallin Langford have very similar styles of writing, which was the same accusation put to both Jackson Cole and Emma Amtra.
  3. Does the whole affair bear KUR-like resemblances? It has been suggested that a phrase used by an XFIA agent, ‘one of the most trash talk I ever heard from a rebel’ was used almost identically by Langford when the KUR was uncovered. The KUR was known for its vastly over-exaggerated claims (such as the establishment of a missile program), and similar, though not perhaps as large, claims have been made by the Baltisk Journal and Langford regarding the current situation.
  4. Henry Chester has no presence on the Micronation.org forums, or indeed on Skype, so how does he know of Kit McCarthy, Horatio Eden, Universal Triumvirate, Shane Cahill, or Adam Belcher? Langford has claimed that Chester still views the forums and news sources, but for Chester to have gained all this information without access to Skype seems remarkable.
  5. Why does the Baltisk Journal keep reporting that this may be the end of the DRCC? Given that Langford apparently currently controls the Journal, it would be in his interests and editorial powers to play down these suggestions. Does he not have enough control? Is he trying to make things seem more dramatic? Is he deliberately trying to influence the outcome of events somehow this way?
  6. Why were Horatio Eden and Anders Saltborn removed from the General-Secretary’s Informal Advisory Board? Both are allies of the DRCC, so what privacy concerns do they pose?

The whole affair leaves more questions than it does answers. More to follow.



2016 Mercian Party Leader’s Debate | Poll

themicronational conducted a poll regarding the recent Mercian General Election debate. The results have now been released.

You can see the debate here.


It can be seen that Baron Cahill and the NLP were the clear winners of the debate. The SDP and Baron Newton were trailing behind.

Interestingly, although most said they would vote for the NLP and Baron Cahill, 405 of Cahill’s ratings were graded only two.

themicronational will be back soon with the results of the election.

Candidates Preparing for DRCC Elections

Three candidates are vying to become the General Secretary of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek.

Dallin Langford, Henry Chester, and Bella Topgrove are the three choices for voters in this election, who for the first time will include honorary citizens, through light of the DRCC’s new constitution.

Who are they?

Dallin Langford: Libertarian-Conservative Party

Libertarian Conservative Party Logo


Dallin Langford, who once went under the name of Jackson Cole, is the current General Secretary, and has the element of experience on his side. The polls currently give him a lead.

He’s looking for fiscal conservatism, free trade, strong foreign relations, and a limited military. Perhaps most key is that he is looking for a peaceful resolution with the Universal Triumvirate – an issue which voters will however note he caused.

Henry Chester: Communist-Social Party

Communist Social Party

Originally DRCC’s Commissioner, he was demoted to Minister of Health and Transportation by Dallin Langford as he was becoming more ‘power hungry.’ Langford said he was trying to prevent a one-party system.


Langford and Chester fell out, and Chester threatened to have the Assembly impeach Langford by the Constitution of 2014, which would have made Langford General Secretary.

Chester supports civic nationalism, protectionism, and resolution against the Universal Triumvirate.

He appears to be coming second in the polls.

Bella Topgrove: Independent

Looking for DRCC to become isolationist is progressive monarchist Bella Topgrove. Looking for a ‘left-wing utopia,’ she fights for civil rights legislation and increased ethnic diversity.


April 9 – Straw poll and debate

April 23 – Second debate with open public questions

April 30 – Final deadline for new candidates

May 21 – Third debate

June 11 – Rallies begin

May 25 – Final questions from citizens, along with further rallies

July 2 – Fourth debate

July 14 – Honorary citizens vote

July 15 – Outer provinces vote

July 16 – Inner provinces vote, and votes are counted

July 22 – Inauguration of the new General Secretary

August 6 – New General Secretary takes office

themicronational is following the proceedings every step of the way.

Noland Polls Close

NOLAND – On March 17, polls closed for elections to the Third Congress of Noland. These polls would decide both the members of the Congress and of the Supreme Court.

His Royal Highness Prince John V was automatically elected to the Congress, and the first round of voting elected seven more citizens to the Congress.

His Highness Crown Prince Ty and Their Excellencies Lords Jackson Tolliday, Stephen Wang, and Colin Furch will be returning to Congress, while Their Excellencies Lords Horatio Eden, Gunnar Langhus and Daniel Bandler were elected for the first time to the Nolandish Congress.

The tiebreakers were later held to fill the two empty seats in Congress. His Excellency Lord Quincy McBride returned to Congress, while Meg Snyder was also elected.

However, approximately two hours after Meg was elected, she left the Principality to ‘create my own nation’ with previous Congress members Their Infamies the Treacherous Ani Menkov, Noah Pikielny, and Johari Ajwang, Enemies of the State after leaving Noland when the name of the Principality was changed from Foompland to Noland.

The seat previously filled by Mrs. Snyder will now be filled by His Excellency Walter Schutz.

The members of the current Supreme Court, with seven seats, will be His Royal Highness Prince John V and Their Excellencies Lords Quincy McBride, Horatio Eden, Gunnar Langhus, Stephen Wang, Daniel Bandler, and Colin Furch.

Mrs. Snyder will be tried in the Supreme Court shortly for treason and affiliation with Enemies of the State.

All Supreme Court cases and Congress matters of legislation will be held on the official Nolandish forum.

All candidates face re election in three months.

Visit nolandgov.weebly.com for more details.

Author Credits: Prince John V, Principality of Noland

Kennedy Ineligible for Office?

Please see here.

An investigation by the Daily Micronational has revealed the Austenasian Prime Minister Joseph Kennedy may no longer be eligible to hold his office.

The 2015 March general election saw Kennedy elected with 28 votes, 68.3% of the electorate, which demonstrated dramatic public support.

The election was only called as the previous office bearer, Eritoshi Augusta, was declared illegitimate, as the number that had originally voted for her was now only a small portion of the Empire’s population.

Kennedy now faces the same problem. Going by the precedent set in March, it would seem a general election is now required.

Many suspect he will not be re-elected. Kennedy has faced wide international criticism in recent months through the heavy use of expletives, alleged bullying, social elitism, frequent expletive-filled attacks on various New Guard micronations, the ‘Kenspiracy,’ and a recent admission of a drunken rant. He has also been accused of dishonesty on the Micronation.org forums. Some have questioned whether he is a suitable candidate for PM.



‘It’s not going to be the same without some retarded kid trying to take me down’


It’s [the Nollandish Confederacy] also a way for Thomas to conquer s**t-tier micronations’

(He later referred to Archland, Nedland, Whestcorea, and Mcarthia as ‘s**t-tier’)


‘The man’s [‘Quentin’] clinically depressed. I can easily manipulate his emotions over time and force him to abdicate or kill himself’


‘Ew, it’s the KUR f****t’


‘I wasn’t entirely sober when I went on that rant’

However, he has been successful as PM, and is popular with the Emperor. In particular, he was responsible for creating new Austenasian territories overseas. He has also held many international roles, including the Chairmanship of the now defunct Grand Unified Micronational.

Kennedy’s response to these accusations has been varied. Towards the end of the Joseph Kennedy Affair, he apologised for it spiraling out of control, and also apologised for his ‘drunken rant.’ However, this succeeds previous responses which have frequently been foul-mouthed and unapologetic.

The Austenasian Majority.PNG
‘Austenasian Democracy,’ a cartoon by Horatio Eden

The Austenasian Election Affair is now in the hands of Kennedy and the Emperor. Whether we will see an election is up for debate.

Should we see another election, RadioMicro and themicronational will back Eritoshi Augusta, should she stand as a candidate.

A RadioMicro episode covering these events will be released later today, including an interview with Horatio Eden, who first broke the story.

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