Researcher Contacts MicroWiki

A PhD student from Warwick University, Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, is in conversation with members of the MicroWiki community about a proposed research project.

Ms. Garcia is investigating the potential for ‘forking’ the state, creating alternative governments.

Following initial contact with Lundenwic’s Mike Lewis and Mcarthia’s Kit McCarthy, Ms. Garcia has been talking to members of the community, including Richard Hytholoday of Mercia and Michael Onff of Gremmia. She has said that she expects to release a community-wide questionnaire in the coming weeks.

This is the first time in recent memory that MicroWiki has been contacted for the purposes of research.

Ms Garcia described her research thusly:

So this is basically what I have in mind. I´ve been looking in my research at the question of whether it´s possible or not to fork the state. That is, as in open source projects where if you disagree with the progress or, usually, politics of a project, you create your own using its source code.

So I am interested in the possibility of doing this with current nation states and that´s what my PhD is more or less about. I´ve encountered many problems with doing it just like that and although it would an AWESOME thing to do, very hand-by-hand with the spirit of anarchist thinkers of the XIXth century, I don´t want to get deported if I try to fork the government. Lol. That´s a joke, but, in reality, I´m looking at places and models where it has been possible, in software communities, and in the offline world, to create parallel authorities and systems of rules to those of current nation-states.

That is why I want to map the structure of the community and do a study on the underlying politics of it and see what type of world you live in, is it a global democracy? an anarchy? a more centralised thing?…etc.

So, I´m going to start with the Wiki site, see if the information can be extracted, if not, I´ll do it manually by connecting by hand, but it would take longer, and jus see what comes out.

The outcome would be a paper, published, obviously, as part of my PhD. Yeah, I just find this a very interesting case to study while having fun after having found a very cool example of a case where the state hasn´t been properly forked (because you still obey the rules of where you are based geographically), but a good example in that direction.