New Tabloid Paper Released

The RadioMicro Group has established The Messenger, a satirical tabloid-style news source.

The first article is entitled Emperor Jon is Anonymous Micronationalist, a reference to the character who has begun sending anonymous emails to Mcarthian President Kit McCarthy.

The article makes various outlandish and false claims, such as:

  • MicroWiki is involved in money laundering, possibly a reference to the Panama Papers scandal.
  • Dallin Langford is actually a false name for Emma Amtra, and that Amtra was behind the KUR and DRCC.
  • Richard Hytholoday is looking to take over MicroWiki and is trying to manipulate the community.
  • Patrick Renwick is from Austenasia, instead of Paravia.
  • Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia is actually Emperor Jon III.
  • Dallin Langford secretly removed Kit McCarthy from the post of Nollandish Confederacy Secretary-General.
  • ‘Crown Princess’ James Frisch admires the Anonymous Micronationalist, and knows the true identity of the mysterious character.
  • Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia is the Anonymous Micronationalist.

The article ends with a disclaimer stating the article is not meant seriously.

The site has been set up as a tabloid-style news source, similar to The Sun and News of the World. McCarthy claims it is meant satirically.

In Brief: The Anonymous Micronationalist

The Anonymous Micronationalist, is, as the name suggests, a member of the MicroWiki community who has contacted President Kit McCarthy of Mcarthia wanting to point out faults in the community.

The first fault listed was dishonesty, with DRCC General-Secretary Dallin Langford being accused of lying to the community.

The unknown person uses an anonymous, encrypted, untraceable email address, stating that it would be too dangerous for them to use their real name.

The site is edited by Kit McCarthy of RadioMicro and themicronational, CEO of the RadioMicro Group.

The site’s welcome message says:

Welcome to The Messenger, MicroWiki’s leading source of tabloid journalism. All the news you never wanted, all of the time. Scandals, private lives of politicians, unsubstantiated rumours, second-rate journalism – you can count on us for all of it and more.

DISCLAIMER: The Messenger is largely a satirical news source, and most of what we published is in no way meant seriously. Please don’t sue us.

McCarthy has invited any external contributors, saying:

No story is too low.