Intermicronational Library Established

Kit McCarthy has founded the McCarthy Intermicronational Library, an online archive of micronational documents.

Available here, the library contains micronational documents, including constitutions, reports and papers, treaties, political manifestos, and legislation.

The library holds both PDFs and some links to View Only online files.

Six documents are currently available, including the Mcarthian Maelternt, and the Constitution of the DRCC.

There is yet to be any intermicronational response to the project.


New Mcarthian Language Announced

President Kit McCarthy of the Republic of Mcarthia announced yesterday that Mcarthia was developing a conlang for cultural purposes. Called Mcarthian, it was made available in a simple form.

The language has very strong Scandinavian roots, with some words being directly lifted from Danish.

themicronational is providing a series of interactive lessons on the language, and RadioMicro may do a special episode about it.