RadioMicro Awards to Return for Second Year

Kit McCarthy has confirmed that the RadioMicro Awards shall return for a second year this summer, and nominations have opened already.

First introduced in 2015, they are one of the more major micronational awards, with nominations being voted on publicly.

Nominations opened today here, and will continue for a short while before public voting is opened. According to Kit McCarthy, CEO of the RadioMicro Group, prizes this year will include ‘fame, glory, and honour,’ ‘a certificate,’ and ‘something Micronational Dollar related.’

The RadioMicro Awards ran last year (note: site out-of-date), with thirteen different awards. This year may have over 21, as new Creative Awards have been introduced, along with Special Recognitions.

You can view last year’s ceremony here, which to this date was the only RadioMicro episode with more than one presenter.


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