Orchardstown declared capital city of the Confederation

Béal na Tíre


Above: Orchardstown, as photographed last year, is surrounded by agricultural land and backed by the orchards from which it earns its name

The Co-Presidents have signed legislation which officially designates Orchardstown as the capital of the Confederation of Leylandiistan & Gurvata. The Classification of Locations Act 2016 was signed into law today to acknowledge the fact that much of the government’s activities are already carried out from the Government Buildings in Orchardstown, as well as to address the lack of a defined capital city under previous legislation. The Act also defined Leylandiistan and Gurvata as the two distinct inhabited constituents of the Confederation, and both will be classed as “regions” of the Confederation. Regional capitals were assigned to both regions, with Leylandiistan’s being Orchardstown and Gurvata choosing “the Tree” as their regional capital, being the former venue of the Gurvatan parliament.

As capital of Leylandiistan & Gurvata, Orchardstown will be…

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