International Conflict Organisation Established


The McCarthy-McFarlane Accords of 2016 have been unveiled, which, amongst other things, announce the formation of the International Military and Warfare Council, an organisation for the management of micronational conflicts.

The Accords establish principles of micronational warfare, and found a new body, the IMWC, to enforce them.

A successor to both the McFarlane Rules of War and Kit McCarthy’s Report into Micronational Warfare and Military activities, the organisation attempts to deal with issues such as the infamous Pannonian War.

The Accords set out strict guidance on when and how a micronational war should be carried out. One of the main principles? Don’t call it a war. Kit McCarthy, Acting Chair, said this:

One of the major problems with the Pannonian War was that many felt calling a war was belittling macronational conflicts. Our solution to this is to create something called a formalised micronational conflict (FMC), which emulates macronational warfare, but by its very nature is not a war.

Other principles (there are 18 core points, alongside points regarding declarations of war, ethics, and surrender) set out in the Accords include:

  1. Safety and legality
  2. Legal oversight by independent watchdogs
  3. Proportional military activity
  4. Active operations
  5. Prevention of damage to uninvolved parties

The principles are based on Kit McCarthy’s Theory of Micronational Warfare.

The Accords provide for both ratification and membership. A party which wishes to remain out of the IMWC can ratify the treaty, which says they agree to go by its provisions, but those who have ratified it then have the option to apply for IMWC membership.

The founding members are:

  1. Republic of Mcarthia (Kit McCarthy)
  2. State of Nedland (Ned Greiner)
  3. Empire of Paravia (Patrick Renwick)
  4. Hugh McFarlane

Any party (country, organisation, etc.) can ratify the treaty, but membership is by application to the Chair (Kit McCarthy at present), and approval by the IMWC Assembly.

The founders were assisted by lawyer Stephen Hill.

You can view the Accords here.


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