Intermicronational Olympics Teased by New Micronation


A proposal for a micronational version of the Olympics has been proposed on the forums. First post from our new contributor Ned Greiner.

Yesterday, on the Forum, Kryemmmeria, a new face on the micronational block, announced that they could be hosting a micronational equivalent of the Olympics.

They plan to found a Micronational Olympic Committee, with a host city. It is most likely that competing nations will be trusted to mail their untampered results to the Committee, like in previous micronational Olympic games.

This is of course mainly due to the inability of many micronationalists to attend such a competition due to their young age and financial constraints.

They posted some details:

Info about the IMOC
Motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius
Formation: May 18th, 2016
HQ: TBVO [to be voted on]
Membership: 0 active members, 1 honorary member
HP: To be elected
Presidents: To be elected
VP: To be elected

So far, nothing but support has been attributed to the new campaign, suggesting that this may indeed be the next Olympics that the community will see.

Updates to follow.


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