MCCARTHY: NLP is Destroying Mercia

Following the recent events in Mercian politics, SDP MP Kit McCarthy writes regarding the NLP.

It’s only been a few days since the Mercian General Election, where, for the first time in history, the National Liberal Party (NLP) found themselves with no majority. Instead, a coalition was formed between the newly founded People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the newly founded Social Democratic Party (SDP), and the Green-Socialist Independent, Baron von Uberquie.

The NLP is trying to break this coalition up. Members of the coalition have been contacted individually by a senior NLP MP, who has tried to get them to leave the coalition and form a new government. The NLP has been trying to convince the coalition members that the proposed government is unstable.

No one in the coalition accepted the offers, but that’s not all. It now seems likely that the NLP leaked these negotiations to the Béal na Tíre, which recently published an article by  previous NLP First Minister Shane Cahill stating that the coalition was breaking up.

The NLP furthermore has repeatedly claimed they will hold a vote of no confidence against the coalition, and will try and bribe coalition members over to their side. As a member of the coalition myself, I condemn this.

The NLP is destroying Mercia, knowingly or unknowingly. They are directly challenging the constitutional status of an election, and the right of the voters to decide on their leaders. They need to accept that for the first time, they lost the election. They may be the largest party, but they were not capable of forming a government.

NLP member HL Richard I said recently that the coalition was ruining everything he had worked for, but the hypocrisy from the NLP is astonishing. The same NLP official who contacted members of the coalition proposed, when his offers were turned down, a national referendum on public support for the coalition. From a party who claims to protect Mercian democracy, the undemocratic nature of this is glaring. By the legislated electoral process of Mercia, the coalition has won this election, as collectively they hold a majority.

A national referendum would be directly challenging the voters decision in a fair election. The NLP is becoming desperate, and they need to stop these pathetic attempts to break up a rightfully elected government.

The coalition stands united, and will not tolerate further feeble attacks from the NLP. A new government has been elected, and it’s time for change.

This editorial from Kit McCarthy does not necessarily reflect the opinion or political leanings of themicronational as a news source. Kit McCarthy is a member of the Mercian Social Democratic Party.


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