Triumvirate v. Langford?

A source close to the Chancellor of Universal Triumvirate has revealed that yet more charges may be brought against DRCC’s Dallin Langford for failing to pay the fine apportioned by the Triumvirate Supreme Court in February.

Mcarthian President Kit McCarthy was recently contacted by a Triumvirate official, asked to remain anonymous, who said that Triumvirate was considering bringing legal action against Dallin Langford for failure to pay the fine he was ordered to by the Supreme Court after the Langford/Amtra case.

The news comes as the Republic of Mcarthia, the Federal Republic of Whestcorea, Kit McCarthy, and Horatio Eden and Anders Saltborn, all announce intentions to bring legal action against Langford.

Kit McCarthy described the events leading up to the troubles:

Mr Langford, following the announcement of a DRCC rebellion, removed Horatio Eden and Anders Saltborn from an advisory board, citing the ‘privacy risk’ they posed, publishing ‘again and again articles with confidential information.’ The two understandable denied this, and after receiving no satisfactory response from Mr Langford, found this to be defamation.

I personally was very much on their side in all of this, and was very surprised when I was promptly arrested for multiple counts of treason, ‘criminal activity,’ defamation of the General-Secretary/DRCC, and improper conduct. This was even more surprising when it became blatantly obvious that the arrest was unlawful, not following the guidance of the present constitution (not least completely ungrounded).

Following threats of over 20 charges, the current situation appears to be that Mcarthia is bringing criminal action for breach of contract, Whestcorea-Japanitania are bringing charges for defamation, I am suing for unlawful arrest, and Anders and Horatio are suing in Whestcorea for defamation.

Langford has faced an enormous amount of legal action recently, and it is unknown currently what the response to yet another case will be.

The Office of the Mcarthian Procurator Fiscal recently filed a compiled complaint against Langford/DRCC, which can be read here.

You can read further articles from the Daily Micronational here and here.

More to follow.




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