Citizenship and titles of Dallin Langford suspended

The Paravian Tribune

Yesterday, April 27th 2016, at 18:00 (GMT +1), Dallin Langford, General Secretary of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek, and Duke of the Paravian province of Wind River, had his Paravian citizenship at titles suspended by emperor Patrick, amidst Mr. Langfords 5th courtcase since the beginning of 2016.

Following mr. Langfords allegations that Horatio Eden, mememaster-general of Whestcorea, member of the DRCC cabinet, along with King Anders Saltborn of Latitudia had been “making articles about confidential information” without siting any evidence, Mr. Langford was sued by the two aforementioned, along with Mcarthian president, Kit McCarthy.

Following this, the situation rapidly escalated, with Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Eden resigning from the DRCC cabinet, and then allegedly being “arrested” by the DRCC. This breakdown in diplomatic relations greatly concerned emperor Patrick, as all 4 countries involved are close friends with Paravia.

Fearing that Paravia may be dragged into the fray, as well…

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