Micropressure… The Mercian Debate 2016: Quiet Success Amidst Bombast & Hot Air.

Burnham MicroPress

The link to the Mercian Party Leaders’ Debate 2016

This opinion piece, from the Lord Spiritual of Mercia, His Lordship Richard 1st, is not reflective of the opinions of the Burnham Micropress as a business.

With the Mercian 3rd General Election looming large, Regal Telecommunications once again brought together the representatives of the political movements in Mercia, to a party leader debate of the nature held during the first democratic election held in Mercian history. This recent debate, held on a Wednesday evening in April, was a juggernaut by the standards of the previous debate; whereas the first debate was a forty-seven minute long duel between Baron Shane Cahill of the National Liberal Party (NLP) and Baron Callum Newton of the Humanist People’s Alliance (HPA), this second debate was a  slow moving juggernaut of a performance; eighty-three minutes of discussion between four politicians.

Baron Cahill returned as National Liberal leader…

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