Eden v. Langford – The Case Continues

Horatio Eden’s civil case against Dallin Langford continues. Read the case so far here.

Following an possible resolution negotiated by the Universal Triumvirate, it seemed that Eden v. Langford was coming to an end.

But is it?

A new article from the Daily Micronational reveals that Horatio Eden may not accept the offer on the table.

“In my eyes, there’s just no benefit to us taking this deal,” remarked a Whestcorean ambassador. “Think about it; say we actually go along with this. First off, there’s no guarantee – if the UT and Loquntian cases are any indication – that Langford will uphold the deal he signs on to. Secondly, even if he does, this doesn’t create a legal framework that can prevent this debacle from happening again! The only way we can actually effect any meaningful change here is if we get one that is judicially mandated, whether that judicial body is within the DRCC or not.”
-Daily Micronational

Horatio Eden argued that the DRCC’s revocation of his citizenship was unconstitutional, and violated due process.

The DRCC claims that citizenship was revoked due to a threat by Eden to break an Assembly gag order.

Following the public debate on the case, the DRCC made an offer to Eden, which had been negotiated with the Universal Triumvirate, but without Eden’s knowledge.

The DRCC offered to reinstate Eden’s citizenship, as well as offering a public apology, and financial compensation.

However, if Eden does not take this offer, then things become more complicated.

Should Eden decide to take it to a court instead, the new court for DRCC honorary citizens, the International Civil and Criminal court, and the new Mcarthian court would be available.

As the Daily Micronational put it:

In announcing the deal, Major Executive Lancelot Rice hailed it as a mark that the situation had merely “blown over as a false alarm” – but are we experiencing here a blowing over, or merely the eye of the storm?




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