Kit McCarthy releases the Maelternt

Daily Micronational

MCARTHIA – Kit McCarthy, President of the Republic of Mcarthia, today released the first edition of the Maelternt, the first formal compilation of Mcarthian laws, constitutional articles, government policies, foreign affairs policies, “and more!” in Mcarthian history.

The Maelternt – which Mr. McCarthy tells us is a word unique to the Mcarthian language which has no translation – is 10,327 words long, takes up 26 pages, and was written in tandem between President McCarthy and Thomas Cassidy.

It is legally comprehensive, and, according to the first article of the Maelternt, is “the legal document with the highest authority in the nation”. President McCarthy has, further, seen fit to “warn any citizen of Mcarthia to be careful, as I intend to prosecute each and every offence I become aware of.”

The Maelternt hopes to make the system of governance in Mcarthia more flexible, though the President has observed that it leaves…

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