Approval Ratings Begin

The Micronational Ratings Agency has launched the Official Intermicronational Political Approval Rating Form, an intermicronational approval and popularity survey.

The first edition of the survey, which can be taken here, includes six politicians:

  • President Kit McCarthy, Republic of Mcarthia
  • Emperor Adam I, Empire of Adammia
  • HL Richard I, Mercia
  • Lord Sir Grant Hawkins, Empire of Adammia
  • Gabriel N. Pelger, Usian Republic
  • Emperor Patrick I, Empire of Paravia

The seventeen responses so far have produced some results:

Stats 22.3.16 (1).PNG
Accurate as of 21:32, 22/03/2016


Four of the politicians have received perfect scores of 100%: HL Richard I, Emperor Adam I, Gabriel N. Pelger, and Emperor Patrick I. President Kit McCarthy is rated at 72.73%, and Lord Sir Grant Hawkins is rated at 60% approval.

The question asked by the survey is:

Do you approve of theses politician’s intermicronational behaviour, politics, and actions?

Changing opinions are measured using special options: changed to yes and changed to no.

This allows for approval to be measured more or less live, providing that community members use the survey whenever their opinions change.

The percentage is calculated using a total figure of Yes and No. Total Yes would be calculated by adding up all first time yeses, all changed yeses, and then subtracting the number of changed noes – henceforth the anyone who changes to no cancels out their previous yes vote.

The figures will be regularly published, and all participants are provided with updates.

If you’d like to be listed on the survey, contact Kit McCarthy.


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