Noland Polls Close

NOLAND – On March 17, polls closed for elections to the Third Congress of Noland. These polls would decide both the members of the Congress and of the Supreme Court.

His Royal Highness Prince John V was automatically elected to the Congress, and the first round of voting elected seven more citizens to the Congress.

His Highness Crown Prince Ty and Their Excellencies Lords Jackson Tolliday, Stephen Wang, and Colin Furch will be returning to Congress, while Their Excellencies Lords Horatio Eden, Gunnar Langhus and Daniel Bandler were elected for the first time to the Nolandish Congress.

The tiebreakers were later held to fill the two empty seats in Congress. His Excellency Lord Quincy McBride returned to Congress, while Meg Snyder was also elected.

However, approximately two hours after Meg was elected, she left the Principality to ‘create my own nation’ with previous Congress members Their Infamies the Treacherous Ani Menkov, Noah Pikielny, and Johari Ajwang, Enemies of the State after leaving Noland when the name of the Principality was changed from Foompland to Noland.

The seat previously filled by Mrs. Snyder will now be filled by His Excellency Walter Schutz.

The members of the current Supreme Court, with seven seats, will be His Royal Highness Prince John V and Their Excellencies Lords Quincy McBride, Horatio Eden, Gunnar Langhus, Stephen Wang, Daniel Bandler, and Colin Furch.

Mrs. Snyder will be tried in the Supreme Court shortly for treason and affiliation with Enemies of the State.

All Supreme Court cases and Congress matters of legislation will be held on the official Nolandish forum.

All candidates face re election in three months.

Visit for more details.

Author Credits: Prince John V, Principality of Noland


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