Candidates Preparing for DRCC Elections

Three candidates are vying to become the General Secretary of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek.

Dallin Langford, Henry Chester, and Bella Topgrove are the three choices for voters in this election, who for the first time will include honorary citizens, through light of the DRCC’s new constitution.

Who are they?

Dallin Langford: Libertarian-Conservative Party

Libertarian Conservative Party Logo


Dallin Langford, who once went under the name of Jackson Cole, is the current General Secretary, and has the element of experience on his side. The polls currently give him a lead.

He’s looking for fiscal conservatism, free trade, strong foreign relations, and a limited military. Perhaps most key is that he is looking for a peaceful resolution with the Universal Triumvirate – an issue which voters will however note he caused.

Henry Chester: Communist-Social Party

Communist Social Party

Originally DRCC’s Commissioner, he was demoted to Minister of Health and Transportation by Dallin Langford as he was becoming more ‘power hungry.’ Langford said he was trying to prevent a one-party system.


Langford and Chester fell out, and Chester threatened to have the Assembly impeach Langford by the Constitution of 2014, which would have made Langford General Secretary.

Chester supports civic nationalism, protectionism, and resolution against the Universal Triumvirate.

He appears to be coming second in the polls.

Bella Topgrove: Independent

Looking for DRCC to become isolationist is progressive monarchist Bella Topgrove. Looking for a ‘left-wing utopia,’ she fights for civil rights legislation and increased ethnic diversity.


April 9 – Straw poll and debate

April 23 – Second debate with open public questions

April 30 – Final deadline for new candidates

May 21 – Third debate

June 11 – Rallies begin

May 25 – Final questions from citizens, along with further rallies

July 2 – Fourth debate

July 14 – Honorary citizens vote

July 15 – Outer provinces vote

July 16 – Inner provinces vote, and votes are counted

July 22 – Inauguration of the new General Secretary

August 6 – New General Secretary takes office

themicronational is following the proceedings every step of the way.


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