Amtra M$ Account Seized

The Intermicronational Bank has seized the M$ account of Zimmerman I, registered by the name of Emma Amtra, on suspicion it has been created fraudulently.

Kit McCarthy, head of the Intermicronational Bank, released a statement:

I have been advised by Horatio Eden, head of the Financial Conduct Authority, to seize the account of Zimmerman I, registered under the name of Emma Amtra, who is believed to be another name for DRCC General-Secretary Dallin Langford. As such, the account shall be frozen, and its assets will be seized by the Intermicronational Bank, and in turn be forwarded to the Micronational Dollar Institute.

Dallin Langford plead guilty in a criminal case put against him by the Universal Triumvirate, on charges of dual identity and espionage. On seeing Amtra’s name registering an account, the Financial Conduct Authority was asked to investigate further.



They decided that by the Universal Triumvirate ruling and Langford’s guilty plea, it seemed probable that the account had been registered by Mr Langford under a false name.

Amtra’s registration


Concerns were raised that as all new accounts receive M$10 for free, this would allow Langford to access greater funds to others.

Horatio Eden of the FCA said the following:

Following the Universal Triumvirate case, as well as general inconsistencies in Mr Langford’s story, the FCA has come to the conclusion that Mr. Langford and Ms. Amtra are, in fact, one and the same person, and we have thus acted on this conclusion by seizing the account in Ms. Amtra’s name. We may deign to take further action if deemed necessary.

The account, Zimmerman I, has now been frozen and its assets seized.

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The Micronational Dollar


Mr Langford has claimed that Emma Amtra is his sister under a pseudonym, but has not been able to offer any evidence in support of that view.

Mr Langford has not yet responded to the seizure, nor has the wider community. It is unknown how this will affect his candidacy in the upcoming DRCC elections.

This is the first issue the new Financial Conduct Authority has been involved in, and the first major issue the Micronational Dollar system has faced.


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