12 Tips for the M$

So, you’re using the new Micronational Dollar, are you? Great! We got Kit McCarthy, founder of the currency, to share some tips.

  1. Buy and sell lots! – M$ are there to be used! If the currency is to work, we need circulation.
  2. Use bigger numbers – don’t be afraid to charge someone M$6 instead of M$2. M$ are very much what you make them, and using larger numbers keeps circulation going, and the economy healthy. Surprisingly, we actually want a little inflation, as the less M$1 is worth, the more convenient it will be.
  3. Use it as an economy – for all we talk of Micronational economies and trade, it’s never really been possible for it to happen. We hope it could now. If you’re a budding economist, get involved! The Intermicronational Bank needs people with economic knowledge to help calculate value, and control the money supply.
  4. Get others involved – everything’s better with friends! The currency needs people using it, so get others to sign up.
  5. Join the chatroom – our official Skype chatroom is a great location to get in touch with other users and make the most of the M$. Contact Kit McCarthy.
  6. Read the Advertiser – the M$ is a great place to find out what’s for sale, and find jobs. It’s published regularly on themicronational. If you’ve got a business, make sure it gets listed in the Advertiser.
  7. Start a business – try starting a business to make yourself some profit! Business is what the M$ need, so get the economy kick-started and start selling.
  8. Try the Lotto – The Dollar Lottery is a great for those who want to make some more M$. For just M$1, you could win the lot – at the time of writing, there was M$12 up for grabs.
  9. Get a job – an economy needs employment! If you don’t want to start a business, consider joining another. There are often adverts in the Advertiser for jobs that are available.
  10. Use it for trade – could your micronation start international trade? There’s no reason why not, if you can come up with a good thing to sell. What could you do then?
  11. Remember the FCA – if you ever have any problems using the M$, go to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), run by Horatio Eden. They are there to watch over the system and provide consumer protection. Get in touch at horatioeden@gmail.com
  12. Keep an eye on the IBV – watching the IBV (the Intermicronational Bank’s valuation of the M$) is a great way to decide how to set business prices. It is published regularly by the IB on themicronational.

Good luck!


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