Whispers from the GUM

There have been rumours that the now defunct Grand Unified Micronational might be coming back to life. What’s in these rumours?

themicronational understands that several community members have been approached about the possibility of the Grand Unified Micronational being relaunched. One source, who wished to remain anonymous said:

I was approached regarding the possibility of the GUM being restarted. It seemed like a great idea – I said, ‘let’s do it!’

Two other sources confirmed they had also been approached.

The Grand Unified Micronational (GUM) was arguably the most successful of all intermicronational organisations. Attracting many influential nations and leaders, it at one point even saw a face to face meeting, an idea which for almost all other organisations remains an elusive dream.

However, the GUM eventually reached its end, being formally dissolved following a period of inactivity on the 14th of June 2015*.

Ever since the GUM ended, people have been talking about replacing it, and some feel now the time is ripe for a new attempt.

It now seems as though this may happen. We asked three people to give their views.

Could and should the GUM be restarted?

The GUM can certainly be revived back into an intergovernmental organisation. Whether or not it should, however, is another matter. There is no need for it amongst the older micronations in the community; however, amongst the younger nations, there is no one formal multilateral venue in which they can form the strong bilateral relations the older members now have. For the younger micronations in the community, the GUM turning back into an organisation may well be beneficial for their diplomatic and professional advancement.
HIM Jonathan I

No. There’s a reason it fell away in the first place. The community has moved on from unions and become more focussed on bilateralism. If this focus ends too, then yes, we can go back to grand organisations and other similar ideas, but as things stand there is simply no demand for a GUM. A revival would just be a YAMO with a recognisable name.
HSH Prince James

Yes, and yes. The GUM is literally waiting to be restarted, as a friend of mine put it. Everything is in place. We really do have a need for a formal venue, to bring the young and old together. There are many younger nations that would benefit enormously from the experience. We need competent, skilful nationbuilders, and where better to promote this than the GUM?
President Kit McCarthy

Could and should the GUM be restarted? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

*Note that the GUM was never technically dissolved – it was instead modified into a Skype chatroom.




2 thoughts on “Whispers from the GUM

  1. GUM should be restarted, through out it’s own history, the organization has influenced and help the micronational community. If anything can help and revive the community it’s GUM. I strongly urge my colleagues and all micronationalists alike to make GUM alive again.


  2. If the younger nations in our community require a professional organization to help facilitate bilateral relationships, that is fine. They should not presume to be reviving the GUM, though, if most of its former members are not involved.


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