Mcarthia Cedes Territory to Austenasia

The Republic of Mcarthia has, in celebration of its 1st anniversary, ceded a small patch of land to the Empire of Austenasia.

President Kit McCarthy of Mcarthia said the following:

I am delighted to announce that the Republic of Mcarthia has donated a 360 square foot patch of land to the Empire of Austenasia, in celebration of our upcoming first anniversary of independence.

I fully appreciate that to give your land away is hardly a traditional celebration of independence, but we felt we owed it to the Empire, as a way of saying thank you for their creation and management of a community which has ultimately allowed Mcarthia to thrive. It seemed appropriate for this to happen around our first anniversary.

The new territory has been named Amerdansk, of the region of Ousten. Speakers of Mcarthian might recognise the symbolism in those two words. I am governor of the territory.

We have further celebrations planned for the upcoming anniversary (16th March), for both our citizens and the community.

The new territory is a piece of land 20 by 18 foot next to the only building in Mcarthia, Government House.




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