Approval Ratings Begin

The Micronational Ratings Agency has launched the Official Intermicronational Political Approval Rating Form, an intermicronational approval and popularity survey.

The first edition of the survey, which can be taken here, includes six politicians:

  • President Kit McCarthy, Republic of Mcarthia
  • Emperor Adam I, Empire of Adammia
  • HL Richard I, Mercia
  • Lord Sir Grant Hawkins, Empire of Adammia
  • Gabriel N. Pelger, Usian Republic
  • Emperor Patrick I, Empire of Paravia

The seventeen responses so far have produced some results:

Stats 22.3.16 (1).PNG
Accurate as of 21:32, 22/03/2016


Four of the politicians have received perfect scores of 100%: HL Richard I, Emperor Adam I, Gabriel N. Pelger, and Emperor Patrick I. President Kit McCarthy is rated at 72.73%, and Lord Sir Grant Hawkins is rated at 60% approval.

The question asked by the survey is:

Do you approve of theses politician’s intermicronational behaviour, politics, and actions?

Changing opinions are measured using special options: changed to yes and changed to no.

This allows for approval to be measured more or less live, providing that community members use the survey whenever their opinions change.

The percentage is calculated using a total figure of Yes and No. Total Yes would be calculated by adding up all first time yeses, all changed yeses, and then subtracting the number of changed noes – henceforth the anyone who changes to no cancels out their previous yes vote.

The figures will be regularly published, and all participants are provided with updates.

If you’d like to be listed on the survey, contact Kit McCarthy.


McCarthy Vanquishes Langford in Chess

The Micronational Chess Tournament Association has already completed the first game of the season, with Kit McCarthy duelling Dallin Langford.

The tournament, which is sponsored by the Micronational Dollar Institute, has a M$1 entry fee and the contestants have their eye on a M$10 prize.

Kit McCarthy defeated Langford after around 40 minutes, although some are calling for a rematch.

Horatio Eden and Thomas Merrell have also begun their first match.


Advert 1.PNG


The match between McCarthy and Langford looked something like this:

Board 3 (MvL).PNG

McCarthy was black, and Langford white.

McCarthy will now play the winner of Eden v. Merrell.

The tournament is still looking to fill its last three places, and interested parties are to contact


The M$ Advertiser | Issue 2

The Micronational Dollar has starting strong. We’re now up at 47 accounts, with M$560 in circulation, and total cash flow is now up at M$109 since things began!

We’ve also started valuing the currency. The Intermicronational Bank uses a market basket technique to place a value on M$1. The current estimated value of M$1 is £2.19.

If you haven’t signed up yet, do! Go to the link here to register for a free account – you receive M$10 for free…

The M$ Advertiser is a regular publication, giving a few updates on the system, and letting you know what you can spend M$ on.

The M$ | Updates

Things are going well! The Intermicronational Bank has 47 accounts registered, and three new banks have either been set up, or are in the process of being set up. There is approximately M$560 in circulation.

The IBV has been changing slightly – there was a dip on the 18th to 1.64, which has now risen to 2.19. You can see the market basket being used below.

IBV 19.03.2016
The IB Market Basket (graphic slightly outdated)

The IBV changes more according to information the IB receives than market shifts, so if you think any of the information on the valuation is wrong, do please get in touch at

The Financial Conduct Authority has been founded independently by Horatio Eden, which serves as a market regulator and consumer protection authority. It is also responsible for competition regulation and fraud.

The M$ also has a MicroWiki page here.

Cash flow has increased to M$109 – we’ve passed 100!

Three new banks have been set up or are in the process of being set up. The National Banks of Loquintia, Whestcorea, and the Star Kingdom are all to operate with the M$.

The lottery fund is growing! Whoever wins on the 31st will receive M$16, making them, in all likelihood, one of the richest M$ users.

On the subject of gambling, a new game has been started – MicroBet! You can have a look at gameplay here.

In slightly more unfortunate news, an account has had to have been seized. Account ten, under the name of Zimmerman I has been seized by the Intermicronational Bank on suspicion of actually being registered by Dallin Langford. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind people that fake names must not be used to register M$ accounts with the IB.


The M$ | What You Can Buy

RadioMicro, the Daily Micronational, and themicronational are all accepting advertising. The Daily Micronational charges M$4 for an advert, and themicronational M$2. A 30 second advert on RadioMicro costs M$4, which includes full production assistance, including original music. Email for RadioMicro and themicronational, and for the Daily Micronatonal.

The Dollar Lottery is a good small purchase for those who want to make some more M$. For M$1, you can get a lottery ticket – a monthly draw selects one ticket holder, who then receives all of that month’s ticket sales! Make a transaction to account number 4.

MicroBet is there for those of you who want a game. Based on a very simple premise, you could make your fortune!  See gameplay here. Contact if you want to try it for yourself.

Saltborn Consulting provides for all your needs in IT, translations and project management. Do you want us help to setup a blog? To create a MicroWIki page? To assist you with getting your project organized? Low fees are guaranteed. Email, account number 24.

circleplug is an advertising agency with a soul. As soon as you have your great advertising idea, they are with you, and will immediately begin assisting you in the creation of your advertisement. They also offer full creation services for your advertisement. Once your idea is realised, they will distribute it across the board of micronational media so that it gets the attention it deserves. All for extremely affordable rates! Email, account number 18.

NewsWatch will gather all news references of you in micronational news sources and collate them for you. There’s a monthly subscription fee of M$1. Email, account number 5.


The Lockheart Management Firm will provides management services and research. For instance, if you were setting up a new organisation, you might pay them to help you organise recruitment. Alternatively, you might ask them to research how best to drive more visitors to your website. Email, account number 7.

McCarthy’s Consulting will provide legal aid, or public relations services. They can help get you mentioned in news articles, or advise you on how to deal with a particular legal quandary. Email, account number 12.

freedom | graphics is your number one stop for graphic design. Run by designer Kit McCarthy (Nollandish Confederacy logo, Mercian Parliament logos, Nollandish Government logos, Ragged Flagon logo), they can provide logos, adverts, and other designs for very reasonable prices. Email, account number 5.

The M$ | Job Opportunities

themicronational is looking for all content producers, and will pay up to M$2 for articles, and M$1.5 for every cartoon or microball published.


See some of our media coverage here.

New Intermicronational Currency Founded

12 Tips for the M$

M$ Value Calculated

Whestcorea to Establish National Bank

M$ Get Business Moving in MicroWiki

To put a notice in The M$ Advertiser, please email

Amtra M$ Account Seized

The Intermicronational Bank has seized the M$ account of Zimmerman I, registered by the name of Emma Amtra, on suspicion it has been created fraudulently.

Kit McCarthy, head of the Intermicronational Bank, released a statement:

I have been advised by Horatio Eden, head of the Financial Conduct Authority, to seize the account of Zimmerman I, registered under the name of Emma Amtra, who is believed to be another name for DRCC General-Secretary Dallin Langford. As such, the account shall be frozen, and its assets will be seized by the Intermicronational Bank, and in turn be forwarded to the Micronational Dollar Institute.

Dallin Langford plead guilty in a criminal case put against him by the Universal Triumvirate, on charges of dual identity and espionage. On seeing Amtra’s name registering an account, the Financial Conduct Authority was asked to investigate further.



They decided that by the Universal Triumvirate ruling and Langford’s guilty plea, it seemed probable that the account had been registered by Mr Langford under a false name.

Amtra’s registration


Concerns were raised that as all new accounts receive M$10 for free, this would allow Langford to access greater funds to others.

Horatio Eden of the FCA said the following:

Following the Universal Triumvirate case, as well as general inconsistencies in Mr Langford’s story, the FCA has come to the conclusion that Mr. Langford and Ms. Amtra are, in fact, one and the same person, and we have thus acted on this conclusion by seizing the account in Ms. Amtra’s name. We may deign to take further action if deemed necessary.

The account, Zimmerman I, has now been frozen and its assets seized.

Featured Image -- 934
The Micronational Dollar


Mr Langford has claimed that Emma Amtra is his sister under a pseudonym, but has not been able to offer any evidence in support of that view.

Mr Langford has not yet responded to the seizure, nor has the wider community. It is unknown how this will affect his candidacy in the upcoming DRCC elections.

This is the first issue the new Financial Conduct Authority has been involved in, and the first major issue the Micronational Dollar system has faced.

Candidates Preparing for DRCC Elections

Three candidates are vying to become the General Secretary of the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek.

Dallin Langford, Henry Chester, and Bella Topgrove are the three choices for voters in this election, who for the first time will include honorary citizens, through light of the DRCC’s new constitution.

Who are they?

Dallin Langford: Libertarian-Conservative Party

Libertarian Conservative Party Logo


Dallin Langford, who once went under the name of Jackson Cole, is the current General Secretary, and has the element of experience on his side. The polls currently give him a lead.

He’s looking for fiscal conservatism, free trade, strong foreign relations, and a limited military. Perhaps most key is that he is looking for a peaceful resolution with the Universal Triumvirate – an issue which voters will however note he caused.

Henry Chester: Communist-Social Party

Communist Social Party

Originally DRCC’s Commissioner, he was demoted to Minister of Health and Transportation by Dallin Langford as he was becoming more ‘power hungry.’ Langford said he was trying to prevent a one-party system.


Langford and Chester fell out, and Chester threatened to have the Assembly impeach Langford by the Constitution of 2014, which would have made Langford General Secretary.

Chester supports civic nationalism, protectionism, and resolution against the Universal Triumvirate.

He appears to be coming second in the polls.

Bella Topgrove: Independent

Looking for DRCC to become isolationist is progressive monarchist Bella Topgrove. Looking for a ‘left-wing utopia,’ she fights for civil rights legislation and increased ethnic diversity.


April 9 – Straw poll and debate

April 23 – Second debate with open public questions

April 30 – Final deadline for new candidates

May 21 – Third debate

June 11 – Rallies begin

May 25 – Final questions from citizens, along with further rallies

July 2 – Fourth debate

July 14 – Honorary citizens vote

July 15 – Outer provinces vote

July 16 – Inner provinces vote, and votes are counted

July 22 – Inauguration of the new General Secretary

August 6 – New General Secretary takes office

themicronational is following the proceedings every step of the way.