Into Mcarthian – Lesson Two

Nihamkandoi oi niollotis e eknii laekeper.

Or in other words, we hope you enjoyed the last lesson. If you missed it, you might want to have a look at it here before continuing.

Last time we looked at inflections of nouns, pronouns, and some basic vocabulary. Today we’ll expand on that, and also introduce some basic phrases.

Nisnakker o mcarthian i ekislertgato. I e?

I speak Mcarthian and English. And you?

The second personal pronoun is that for the word ‘we.’ In Mcarthian, it’s oi.

Verbs, such as nispistaek (to eat) have suffixes based on number and person. For the first person singular, there’s nothing, but for the first person plural, as in ‘we,’ you add -i.

Using the vocabulary at the bottom of the page, try and translate the following. Triple click on the question to view the answers.

Remember that the verb comes first in a sentence, followed by the object (in this case, we), followed by the subject.

Also remember that -i and -v can be added to a pronoun to show gender – male and female respectively.

  1. Nispistaeki oi brod  – We are eating bread
  2. Nidaekeri oiv ulti  – We (f) are drinking water
  3. Nispistaeki oil asteri  – We (m) are eating apples
  4. Nispistaeki oiv brod i asteri We (f) are eating bread and apples
  5. Nidaekeri oi ulti i siftWe are drinking water and juice

Last time we saw that hej means hello. Let’s look at a few other phrases.

Gastonmeans goodbye, pertetiy is please, and tik is thanks, or thank you. ‘E met?’ is ‘how are you?’

You could respond to E met with vanto (good), nmar (OK/so-so), or malt (bad). You could also add vet (very) in front of any of them.

How would you respond to the following? Remember to triple click for answers.

  1. Hej! – Hej!
  2. Gaston – Gaston
  3. E met? – Vanto/Malt/Nmar


Go here to complete the second test. We’ll get your results back to you as soon as we can.



Hover over the images to see captions in Mcarthian.

And I

Bad Malt

Bread Brod

Drink Nidaeker

Eat Nispistaek

England Islertgato

English Ekislertgato

Good Vanto

Goodbye Gaston

Juice Sift

OK nmar

Please pertetiy

Speak Nisnakker

Thank You Tik

Very Vet

Water Ulti

We Oi

Next lesson here.



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