Into Mcarthian – Lesson Three

Niert vento ti lee melet e.

Or in other words, it’s good to see you again.
Last time we looked at pronouns, food, drink, and phrases. This time we’re looking at more verbs and tenses, and nation names.

Niert hanc net ulvi?

What time is it?

You may have noticed that all verbs so far have started with ni-. This is because all Mcarthian verbs have a prefix to specify tense. We’ve been working in the present tense so far, but if you were working in the past tense you would instead add mi-.

For instance, ‘I drank water’ would become midaeker o ulti, instead of nidaeker.

All Mcarthian words stem from a root. For drinking, it’s daeker. However, we add -i to show plurality, and then a prefix to show tense. This means that words can end up quite long. The plus side is you need only learn the roots of words, and from now on, it will only be the roots we put in the vocabulary sections.

Using the vocabulary at the bottom of the page, try and translate the following. Triple click on the question to view the answers.

  1. Mispistaek o vibraster – I ate an orange
  2. Midraekeri oil ulti – We (m) drank water
  3. Midraeker o vibraster sift – I drank orange juice
  4. Misnakker ov mcarthian – I (f) speak Mcarthian
  5. Misnakkeri oi ekislertgato – We speak English

You’re possibly keen to know what your nation is in Mcarthian. Here we’ve put some micronations and macronations for your interest. Make sure you learn the ones in bold.

Austenasia – oustenesse

Adammia – adamit

Beacon City – ciet lumot

Cinnamon Creek – cinter streer

Covanellis – vancollis

England – islertgato

France – forteltort

Lundenwic – ulenditgato

Mercia – ercentigato

Molossia – hunegato 

Nolland – knelert

Paravia – paravgato

UK – mnerti titaek

US – mnerti constairi

Whestcorea – vaekkargato

Zenrax – xengato

We’ll use these words properly next time, and discover why so many of them end with gato.


Go here to complete the third test. We’ll get your results back to you as soon as we can.


Hover over the images to see captions in Mcarthian.

Remember, we’re now only showing the roots of verbs.

Austenasia – Oustenesse

Drink – Daeker

Eat – Spistaek

England – Islertgato

France – Forteltort

Is – Ert

Molossia – Hunegato

Nolland – Knelert

Now – Net

Orange – Vibraster

Orange Juice – Vibraster Sift

Speak – Snakker

Time – Hanc

UK – Mnerti Titaek

What – Ulvi

Whestcorea – Vaekkargato

We’ll have another lesson coming soon!



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