Into Mcarthian – Lesson One

Nitilteri mnelaerti ti mcarthia lanksaekeri, i nolaekis ii das!

Or in other words, the Republic of Mcarthia is developing a language, and you can learn it. It’s named Mcarthian, and is heavily based on a mixture of Danish and Latin.

President Kit McCarthy claimed it was for the development of culture, and that despite its current simplicity, they hoped to expand on it greatly in the coming year.

In the first of a series of courses, we’re providing an introduction into this language.

How These Lessons Work

Each lesson will include some teaching, some vocabulary, and an end of unit test. The test will be marked, and returned to you as soon as possible. At the end of the course, there will be a final summative assessment for you to see how well you’ve done. For questions in the lessons, triple click on the question to view the answers.

Hej. Niert nmenti kit mccarthy. E das dier ilvi?

Hello. My name is Kit McCarthy. How are you today?

Mcarthian nouns are inflectional, meaning they change based on their use. For instance, the root dreng (boy) becomes drengi for boys, or drengs for boy’s. –i is added to show plurality, while -s is added to show ownership.

So, drengs asteri would mean boy’s apples.

Using the vocabulary below, try to translate the following. Triple click on a question to view the answers.

  1. pegei – girls
  2. drengis boys’
  3. peges aster – girl’s apple
  4. drengis asteri boys’ apples

There are no articles (a, an, the) in Mcarthian, so you have to work out the context of a word.

There are six personal pronouns in Mcarthian. Let’s look at the first one.

O means I. It is not gender specific, so if you want to indicate your gender, you add a suffix. Add -l if you’re male, and -v if you’re female.

Nouns and pronouns are never capitalised in Mcarthian, unless they come at the start of a sentence.

In Mcarthian, nifret means have, and comes at the start of a sentence. See if you can translate the following.

  1. Nifret o aster – I have an apple
  2. Nifret ov asteri – I (f) have apples
  3. Nifret ol aster – I (m) have an apple


Go here to complete the first test. We’ll get your results back to you as soon as we can.


                                          Hover over the images to see captions in Mcarthian.

Apple Aster

Boy Dreng

Day Dier

Girl Pege

Have Nifret

Hello Hej

How Ilvi

Is Niert

This Das

Name Nmenti

You E

Next lesson here.



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