An Apology

For the attention of all readers,
On the 7th of January, themicronational published an article, supported by a piece in RadioMicro, regarding an investigation by the Daily Micronational. This investigation appeared to show that Austenasian Prime Minister Joseph Kennedy was no longer eligible for office, as he no longer had a democratic mandate.
Under this, we believed that it was likely an election would be called, and so expanded the article with information about Mr Kennedy, including some of his international criticisms, and a note of support to Eritoshi Augusta, who we believed would stand in such an election.
However, we have now discovered this is false. The number of eligible voters has not, as we believed, expanded since Mr Kennedy’s election in March 2015, and henceforth, the article is baseless. The criticisms of Mr Kennedy were included as they would have been relevant to the election we believed was coming.
We would like to sincerely apologise for publishing an article with false information, and including criticisms of an individual in an article that transpired to be baseless. This was a situation that required considerably more care than it received, and if it had received that care, would hopefully never have been published.
This response will also be included on the next episode of RadioMicro.

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