Kennedy Ineligible for Office?

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An investigation by the Daily Micronational has revealed the Austenasian Prime Minister Joseph Kennedy may no longer be eligible to hold his office.

The 2015 March general election saw Kennedy elected with 28 votes, 68.3% of the electorate, which demonstrated dramatic public support.

The election was only called as the previous office bearer, Eritoshi Augusta, was declared illegitimate, as the number that had originally voted for her was now only a small portion of the Empire’s population.

Kennedy now faces the same problem. Going by the precedent set in March, it would seem a general election is now required.

Many suspect he will not be re-elected. Kennedy has faced wide international criticism in recent months through the heavy use of expletives, alleged bullying, social elitism, frequent expletive-filled attacks on various New Guard micronations, the ‘Kenspiracy,’ and a recent admission of a drunken rant. He has also been accused of dishonesty on the forums. Some have questioned whether he is a suitable candidate for PM.



‘It’s not going to be the same without some retarded kid trying to take me down’


It’s [the Nollandish Confederacy] also a way for Thomas to conquer s**t-tier micronations’

(He later referred to Archland, Nedland, Whestcorea, and Mcarthia as ‘s**t-tier’)


‘The man’s [‘Quentin’] clinically depressed. I can easily manipulate his emotions over time and force him to abdicate or kill himself’


‘Ew, it’s the KUR f****t’


‘I wasn’t entirely sober when I went on that rant’

However, he has been successful as PM, and is popular with the Emperor. In particular, he was responsible for creating new Austenasian territories overseas. He has also held many international roles, including the Chairmanship of the now defunct Grand Unified Micronational.

Kennedy’s response to these accusations has been varied. Towards the end of the Joseph Kennedy Affair, he apologised for it spiraling out of control, and also apologised for his ‘drunken rant.’ However, this succeeds previous responses which have frequently been foul-mouthed and unapologetic.

The Austenasian Majority.PNG
‘Austenasian Democracy,’ a cartoon by Horatio Eden

The Austenasian Election Affair is now in the hands of Kennedy and the Emperor. Whether we will see an election is up for debate.

Should we see another election, RadioMicro and themicronational will back Eritoshi Augusta, should she stand as a candidate.

A RadioMicro episode covering these events will be released later today, including an interview with Horatio Eden, who first broke the story.

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