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Kit McCarthy’s resignation as Secretary-General will prove…interesting. See here.


The General Micronational Survey 2015 – The Results

The General Micronational Survey has been an exciting project. We’ve surveyed the entire Microwiki community and we’ve got some pretty interesting results. We’d like to share them with you now.

The Survey

Total Respondents: 36

Length of Survey: 4 days


Section One – You

Are you the founder of a micronation?

94.4% yes, 5.6% no

Are you the leader of a micronation?

91.7% yes, 8.3% no

How old are you?

About 40% of us are between 13 and 15. 9 respondents (25%) were aged 16-18, 10 were aged 19-25, and between 26 and 50 there were 3. We are, unsurprisingly, a young community.

What is your gender?

All respondents except two were male, which is 94.3%.

How would you describe your ethnicity?

We are 91% white. 11 identified as American, 8 as British, and 14 as just white.

What would you state your religious beliefs as?

This one is interesting. 30%, the most of any category, identified as agnostic. It would appear we are a community that likes its evidence.9 respondents identified as Christian, and mainly Catholic. There was 1 Jew, 1 Buddhist and 1 Humanist, and 7 atheists. 16% put “Other.”


Section Two – Your Micronation

Which of the following apply to your micronation?

GMS2015 Factors 1

So, many of us own territory, and we all like to think of ourselves as democracies (minus a few). We’re also mainly conservative. Many of us our nationalistic, which isn’t surprising seeing as we’ve started our own countries. We’re also perhaps notably liberal – 31% of us. None of us are inclined towards anarchy or radicalism.

Under other, monarchy, imperialist and havenist were both mentioned.

Which of the following does your micronation have?

We asked who had the death penalty (theoretically), compulsory military service, and freedom-of-speech laws. These are three key things to check when establishing the views of a nation. 93.5% of respondents said they had freedom-of-speech laws, 19.4% had compulsory military service, and 16.1% had the death penalty.

Describe the system of government of government in your micronation.

Some examples below:

  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Theocratic Elective Monarchy
  • Crowned Republic, with a Ruling Council
  • Very Complicated…
  • Semi-Direct Democracy
  • Absolute Diarchy
There were a huge variety of different systems. Constitutional Monarchy was the one most frequently mentioned.
How politically developed is your micronation?
Politically Developed
Describe culture in your micronation
Some examples below:
  • The culture draws largely from the Catholic faith of many of Quailia’s citizens. In the Province of Fingland, much culture comes from the Gaelic Scots as well.
  • Centered on nationalism; has its own national symbols, holidays, and some music and cuisine, but borrows heavily from the United States.
  • Calvinist, classical liberal, conservative. Our nation draws cultural elements primarily from the Dutch culture.
  • Religion… that’s about it
  • Heavy Nordic influences. Lots of music and cuisine
  • I have no idea what this means

How culturally developed is your micronation?

Culturally Developed

Describe the economy of your micronation

Some examples below:

  • Our economy will be a market economy which puts emphasis on giving advantage to small business over large business. It is generally accepted that large companies should be competed against by a government owned company and that Covanese companies should be given advantage over foreign companies (via tax breaks and additional government support).
  • We operate under a market capitalist system with social elements (mixed market economy). Currently, there is one corporation and one worker cooperative. Trade is still virtually non-existent.
  • The government controls all money (American dollars) and the means of production. Workers gather resources and work in medium-scale industry; government sells much of the resources and products to other countries. Workers are paid in food, supplies, and services.
  • Non-existent.
  • The economy is largely only imaginary, although at least two different currencies have been promulgated by the government, the Imperial Crown and the Moolah, the latter used exclusively by businesses. An online bank has also been made, but there are very few transactions.
  • ******!
How economically developed is your micronation?
Economically Developed
Does your micronation have a currency?
That was four sharing an international currency. We are unsure as to what this currency is.
Does your micronation have a religion?
Almost all said no. There were very few who had any kind of religious influences.
What’s the best thing that’s happened in your micronation?
Some examples below:
  • May 2015 Mercian General Election, first democratic election in country’s history.
  • The bi-partisan wave that created the modern Whestcorean Congress.
  • Our celebration of 1 year of existence.
  • There’s no one thing which stands out. We are proud of many of the things we have achieved.
  • Rockets
  • Can’t remember.
  • Unity with Saxony
  • [Success] in re-starting new micronations, and in gaining huge support from citizens.
  • Bureaucracy
  • The tourist visit by Jonny Blair
  • Existence
Aren’t we a community of humourists? Bureaucracy…
What’s the worst thing that’s happened in your micronation?
Some examples below:
  • I would say that the worst thing that happened was the small scandal of being isolationist. I was quite scared for a moment that Quailia would never be as respected as it once was, but it was soon shown that my fears were [baseless].
  • Nearly being banned from the OAM and GUM for our political ideas by the leftists
  • The Pannonian War
  • The Pannonian War (again)
  • The War on Liberland
  • Losing the New West Settlement in Netherlands due to abandonment
  • At the beginning of our history, a “civil war” between our citizens that almost ruined kingdom.
  • The attempt to introduce a minimum wage
  • Chickens
  • Rockets
  • Probably some antagonism from my classmates.
  • The capital (my bedroom) becoming very dirty

Where is your micronation?



Section Three – Your Beliefs

Where do you sit on this political spectrum?

Poli Spectrum

Which of the following describe your beliefs?

Your Beliefs

Market socialist and traditionalist were mentioned under other.

Section Four – Your Beliefs on the Community

A list of statements were provided, and people had to say to what extent they agreed with them.

The Community is in trouble


Creativity is key to the Community


Respect is key to the Community


Freedom-of-Speech is key to the Community


What are your thoughts on the community?

Some examples below:

  • The community is very divided, however, this seems to be progressively challenged. It currently seems to be changing for the better.
  • Excluding minor problems with respect for others, the Community fulfills its role satisfactorily.
  • It has its ups and downs
  • I think that if we would all be more respectful to everyone, even those who aren’t that respectful themselves, the community will grow, and more creative people will join, boosting micro nationalism for years to come.
  • Thinking of MicroWiki as “the community” is dangerous. It is *a* micronational community, but not *the* micronational community. The movement must be viewed as a whole.
  • I believe that new micronations have strong potential and it is important for the old guard of the community should help train, the micronations to use that potential. The community possesses a strong present in all sectors of micronationalism, and we can use that to be a driving force for micronations. Respect is a great way for future diplomacy and a sense of friendship in the community.
  • I think that we have seen better days. Previously there have been periods in which there were a number of highly interesting topics to talk about. At the moment, however, there is only the occasional interesting topic. I am, however, sure that this will not last long, and we’ll soon have many interesting things to debate once more.
  • It is filled with relics like us. When you get older you can spend less time on your micronation and risk a lot more.
  • The community has some people who are disrespectful and informal, but most people are kind.

Section Five – Last Points

What do you enjoy in micronationalism?
Some examples below:
  • Friendship and a feel of being useful in someway.
  • The social experimentation, to see how things work out, to connect to other micronationalists, to learn for an uncertain macronational future.
  • Having a government, observing other micronational cultures, collaborating with others.
  • Having unreasonable control over my government; literally none of my legislation ever gets rejected.
  • I love the intermicronational talks and sports. I enjoy the community even if its currently going through a rough patch. Everything really.
  • Immense power

And thank you to whoever sent that last one in. You know who you are. Frisch.

If you would like to get hold of the entire set of results, please email republicofmcarthia@gmail.com