The Micronational Tour of the World – Paravia

Emperor Patrick Renwick tells us about the Empire of Paravia.

KM: First off, for those who don’t know you, can you tell us a little about yourself?

PR: My name is Patrick, Patrick Tristan Renwick, though, in micronationalism, I am more [often] known as the Emperor of Paravia.

KM: Where is Paravia?

PR: Well, Paravian territory can be found in a number of nations around the world, however, our “heart land” is situated in the city of Stavanger, Norway

KM: As an Empire, how is Paravia organised?

PR: Paravia is mainly organized into Provinces, Duchies and Lordships. However, Paravia does have a number of autonomous regions, the most well known of which is Nedland [defunct at time of writing]. These autonomous regions were all independent nations at one point, but decided to join Paravia. They all retain a great deal of autonomy.

KM: What would you say makes Paravia unique?

PR: Well, as far as I can see, Paravia is the only micronation from Norway. At least to have joined the forums.

KM: What about culture?

PR: Culture wise, it varies from place to place. Being a nation with territory in various European nations, as well as various places in America, the culture can be very diverse. But mostly, the “typical” Paravian culture is very similar to Norwegian.

KM: What does that include?

PR: Ah, well, a love for tradition, mixed with modern aspects. The appreciation of nature, as well as the belief that it must be preserved. And a strong belief in monarchy, though contrary to most Norwegians, in Paravia, the monarch is not only a figure head, but has an active, and large role in politics, and governing the country.

KM: How did you become an Empire? And what advice would you offer for those interested in becoming an Empire themselves?

PR: Well, originally, the idea of a royal monarchy, modeled on that of Britain was tossed around. However, after looking at Austenasia and the German Empire, as well as the possibility for territory in America, as well as the perceived grandure of empire was very appealing. As for advice, I would say that you should probably have, at least a decent amount of territory before creating an empire. After all, proclaiming a square inch in a closet in your bedroom an empire, really doesn’t fit. Though, after all, you can do what you wish.

KM: Doesn’t an Empire have to include lots of separate territories joined together?

PR: Yes. For example the Paravian overseas provinces in America. Though, you don’t necessarily have to have territory in other countries to be an empire, you need more than just 1 region.

KM: Lastly, what are your future plans?

PR: Well, future plans are gaining more territory, hold elections, form more international relations, and get a stronger influence in the community.

KM: Thank you.

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