The Micronational Tour of the World – Roseland


Kit McCarthy talks to Bee, from the Kingdom of Roseland.

KM: First off then, for those who don’t know you, can tell me a little about yourself?

B: Hm. My name is Bee, and I’m the Queen of the Kingdom of Roseland. I’m a 15 year old trans woman, and I was born in Stockton, California in the United States.

KM: What can you tell us about Roseland?

B: Roseland is a nation bordered by the American city of Napa, California. There are nine citizens, and they are ruled by the two queens, myself and Her Majesty Olivia. (Roseland allows for there to be two monarchs sitting the throne at any given time.)

KM: So politically, how are you organised?

B: Roseland is an absolute monarchy, with the Monarch(s) holding absolute legislative and executive power. However, Roseland’s judicial plan is to be vested within a Royal Court, who will persecute criminals and resolve a dispute between the two ruling monarchs if necessary. We also have plans to create several ministries, but as of now the new government is still in its infancy and we are working on documents to establish these ministries officially.

KM: And what about your history? You say your government is still in its infancy – can you be more specific?

B: Roseland was founded with a direct democracy system, but it was quite difficult to govern our small population with this method, so in late October I abolished our “congress”, and enacted laws that reformed our country into a monarchy. There was no resistance to this change, and so far things are working out well.

KM: Does having only nine citizens present any difficulties?

B: For sure! If a few of your citizens are uninterested in government, it makes it difficult to get anything done. However, it makes it easier to get specific and individual opinions from those who want to be heard.

KM: Despite that though, what has your government done so far?

B: Our government is young, and we are still developing. However, it won’t be long until our government explodes into sudden activity, once our founding document is put in place. It’s in the first drafting stages as of now, but it will soon be the law by which all our governed and make our government an active and functioning body.

KM: Culturally, what is Roseland like?

B: Roseland, although not a democracy, is a very free-spirited place. The State does not infringe upon the people’s right to express themselves how they please. The majority of Roseland’s citizens are dedicated to social-justice and the sciences, striving to make the world a better place.

KM: What do you hope to do in the future?

B: Establish relations with other countries within the community, develop a well-structured and efficient government, and hopefully have our nation respected  by others.

KM: Thank you.

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